CatFoodDB's Cat Food Review Process

At CatFoodDB, we've honed a detailed approach to evaluate cat food. Here's how we do it:

Our Data Gathering Process:

  • We've looked into thousands of cat food products from nearly 200 brands.
  • Our main source of information is the product websites. But if we can't find the data there, we turn to product photos or trusted retailers like

Two-Part Scoring System:

We give each product two scores, both out of 5 paws (ie from to ) :

Ingredient Analysis Score:

This score comes from studying the product's ingredient list.

  • The FDA requires that the heaviest ingredients are listed first in pet food. Keeping this in mind, our system prefers products that list quality proteins (like chicken, turkey, or beef) early on.
  • Products without cheap fillers (e.g., corn or wheat), questionable additives, and certain preservatives generally get higher scores. However, seafood-based products are rated a bit differently than land-based ones.

Guaranteed Analysis Score:

This relates to the nutrient content of the cat foods.

  • Similar to the 'Nutrition Facts' on human food labels, the Guaranteed Analysis shows the nutrient content. But these figures can be misleading because of the moisture in the food. We adjust these numbers to a standard called "Dry Matter Basis" to compare products fairly. Foods with more protein and fewer carbs usually get better scores here.

Sharing Our Findings:

  • We provide both the Ingredient and Guaranteed Analysis scores for each cat food product.
  • For an overall brand review, we give an average score based on all its products.

With CatFoodDB, you're making a choice based on clear and thorough scientific research.

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