September 2023

Hi all! I just wanted to give everyone a heads-up on the site. You might've noticed things have been a bit quiet with updates. My apologies for that. I've had some health stuff going on that's made it harder to tackle personal projects like this lately. Plus, there've been some tech challenges with hosting and, to top it off, a dip in our ad and affiliate revenue. It's been quite the balancing act, but we need to keep things running without breaking the bank.

A big shoutout to those who've dropped me a line about new brands, products, and formula updates we've missed - truly appreciate it! I've been going through each note, and the list of items to add is growing by the day. The world of cat food keeps changing, with new things popping up every week. I'm on it, but sometimes it feels like I'm chasing my tail a bit.

Thank you again for all your patience and support, and as always please let me know if you see any typos or errors, if you know of updates I should include, or have brand suggestions you'd like to see added. I can't make any promises on when I will be able to make the changes, but rest assured I'll put them on the list!


March 2022

FINALLY, a HUGE database update!

Better late than never, right? Since last summer I've been working on a complete database refresh; all data has been updated within the last 8 months. In just a few cases I wasn't able to track down recent data, so those brands have been removed from the database for now. Hopefully I'll be re-adding them, as well as a backlog of several new brands that have come onto the market, in the very near future. There are also a ton of improvement to the site I'm hoping to add soon-ish, so keep coming back to see what's new!

Thank you again for your patience, and as always please let me know if you see any typos or errors, if you know of updates I should include, or have brand suggestions you'd like to see added. (Please note that I am only adding products that are sold in the US and/or Canada. As much as I'd love to expand to products sold exclusively in Europe, Asia and elsewhere, it's just not something CatFoodDB will be able to support.)

November 2021:

I just wanted to drop a quick note to thank everyone for being patient. Behind the scene's I've been working on a *huge* database update, as well as tweaking some things around the site. Things are taking a lot longer than anticipated, so other minor database updates have been put on the backburner for a while now while I'm working on this refresh. My tentative goal is to have this update out in early 2022, *fingers crossed*.

Thanks again for all your support, and please keep emailing those brands you'd like to see or errors you find! I rarely have time to reply, but I do read everything and have a long to-do list of all your suggestions to work through!

Happy Holidays!

February 2021:

It's been over 6 years since this site first went live, way back in 2015. A lot has happened since then, 2020 notwithstanding!

First off, I want to thank every single person who has reached out to me over the years with suggestions for the site, let me know about typos (they do happen, unfortunately), let me know about new brands that have come on the market or have been discontinued, products that have been updated, or with questions. Knowing this site helps people help their cats eat better is what keeps me motivated to keep it going, and if even one cat benefits from my work here I'm over the moon happy about it!

I've also learned a lot about the cat food industry over the last few years. Most noticeably, it moves at a breakneck speed! New brands are introduced, older ones discontinued, and recipes tweaked every single day of the year.

I'm trying my very best to keep up, but I'll be the first to admit I'm behind, and in some cases significantly behind. This site is run only by myself, as a labour of love and hobby. Like everyone else I also have other responsibilities in life, and sometimes the site updates do sit on the back burner for a while.

I read every email that's sent, but I do apologize in advance because I'm not able to respond to most. I keep all your brand suggestions and requests in a giant to-do list; they definitely do influence what updates I tackle next.

With that, I just wanted to say yes, this site is still being updated, and please feel free to keep the suggestions coming - but please be patient as I try and play catch up!

Thank you all for all your support!


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