For all but the most fortunate few, price is almost always a consideration when choosing what you feed your cat. It definitely is a factor when I make my choices! That's why I'm super excited to be able to bring cat food pricing data to many of the products listed here on CatFoodDB, thanks to our friends over at!

Due to that fact that prices can fluctuate, we've chosen to display product prices when available using a scale that ranges from $ to $$$$$, cheapest to most expensive.

Price Wet Food
Approx. cost per 3oz can
Dry Food
Approx. cost per 5lb bag
$ Less than $0.45 / 3oz can Less than $8.00 / 5lb bag
$$ $0.45 - $0.75 / 3oz can $8.00 - $16.00 / 5lb bag
$$$ $0.75 - $1.05 / 3oz can $16.00 - $24.00 / 5lb bag
$$$$ $1.05 - $1.50 / 3oz can $24.00 - $32.00 / 5lb bag
$$$$$ More than $1.50 / 3oz can More than $32.00 / 5lb bag

More pricing data will be added on a regular basis, so check back frequently for updates!

Please note that price data can and will fluctuate without notice. Prices are not guaranteed. CatFoodDB's commitment is to provide the most up to date, accurate data as possible but errors are possible and CatFoodDB or it's owners are not responsible for any actions taken based on the data published on this site.

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