CatFoodDB - Your Cat Food Advisor

CatFoodDB - Your Cat Food Advisor

If you have a dog and/or have done any sort of research on dog food, you've surely stumbled across the site DogFoodAdvisor.

DogFoodAdvisor's premise is very similar to CatFoodDB's. At DogFoodAdvisor the creator and his team are passionate about canine nutrition. They've utilized this passion to bring to their readers information about many different dog food brands. Using various publicly available data sources, they research and evaluate the brands and then share their opinions and results.

CatFoodDB's goal is to bring to those interested in cat food nutrition a similar set of evaluations -- the "cat food advisor" equivalent, so to speak.

There are many similarities between the two sites. Here at CatFoodDB, I also use publicly available data sources for all evaluations, and rely on government regulated pet food labelling laws to ensure comparisons are fair. It's also important to note that I am not affiliated with the pet food industry in any way. I do not accept money or samples in exchange for any special considerations for reviews or otherwise.

However, there are a few differences between the sites worth noting. DogFoodAdvisor primarily publishes their reviews at the brand level, focusing only on a small subset of the products offered by that brand. At CatFoodDB, we evaluate and publish reviews of both the brand and all of the individual products produced under that brand's label whenever possible.

One of the things I noticed while beginning my quest to learn more about cat food and cat nutrition was that it was not unusual to see a distinct difference in ingredients and nutritional breakdowns among the various products manufactured under the same label. I feel it's important to highlight these differences, and publish reviews for each individual product in addition to the overall brand aggregate.

Finally, I feel it's important to be very clear with my readers about how this site is monetized. In order to support the costs of maintaining the site and the research that's required, I've partnered with, Google Adsense and Amazon to show you contextually related ads on some of the pages. If you do not want to view these ads, I highly recommend a browser-based ad-blocker. I use Adblock personally, but there are many options available.

Through affiliate links and at absolutely no cost to yourself, I may collect a small percentage of sales made at Amazon or via this site. However, the presence or availability of affiliate links for any particular product absolutely does not affect its review in any way. First and foremost, my goal for the site is to bring you the most comprehensive database of cat food products and reviews. Many of the products evaluated on CatFoodDB are only available for purchase in independent pet food stores. Regardless, they deserve and will always get the same treatment as the more popular or well-known brands.

Thank you for allowing CatFoodDB to be your cat food advisor. Providing unbiased reviews and the largest cat food database is a passion of mine. I'm extremely excited to be able to share my research and results with you, and to help you make the right food choices for your feline friends.

As always, comments and feedback are appreciated. I can be reached via email at [email protected], or on Facebook at


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