Can Cats Eat Bananas?

It's not a question I expected, to be honest. Can cats eat bananas? When I was asked this question by an acquaintance while discussing this site, I'll admit to having no idea what the answer was. "I don't actually know..." I said. "But I'll find out!"

Some research later, here I am sharing with both him and you what I've discovered during my quest for more banana-based cat food knowledge.

The short answer: Yes, cats can eat bananas. According to the ASPCA, bananas are not toxic to cats. So if your cat really wants a small piece of that banana you've been eating, it's fine.

The longer answer: Yes, cats can eat bananas -- but with caveats. If you're giving your cat banana, ensure the peel has been completely removed; their digestive systems cannot break down the extremely fibrous peels adequately. Also note that bananas are high in sugar, which is completely unnecessary in a cats diet. In fact, too much sugar can contribute to feline obesity and diabetes, both of which can be very dangerous to cats. So when feeding your cat banana, it's the same as with most things in life -- moderation is key! But if you find your cat does appreciate a bite of banana now and then, frozen pieces can make great cat treats!


Bananas In Cat Food?

After learning that cats and bananas do get along, I was curious whether or not any of the cat foods catalogued here on CatFoodDB contained banana in their list of ingredients. Surprisingly enough -- some products do! We have data on at least 15 different commercial cat food products that contain at least some amount of banana. You can find the full list of reviewed banana-containing cat food products here.

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CatFoodDB's Top Rated Cat Foods Containing Banana

Alternatively, if you'd rather your cat just look adorable with a banana, you could always buy them this amazing catnip banana instead!

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