Cat Food Ratings Updated

May, 2018

Here at CatFoodDB we use a customized algorithmic formula to analyze each cat food's ingredients. Among other things, it it takes into account the number of quality protein ingredients listed, and the order in which they are listed. This is important as pet food manufacturer are required to order the ingredients in order of weight in the product - for example, a product listing chicken as it's first ingredient contains more chicken than any other ingredient. Using this formula allows us to keep our reviews here at CatFoodB unbiased regardless of a product's brand, price or reputation.

As CatFoodDB continues to grow, so does the quality of the algorithms and criteria we use to evaluate each cat food product. As a result, we recently tweaked several product reviews and their ratings. Previously, we've started noticing that several products were listing very similar ingredients twice (ie chicken hearts, chicken livers) and hence getting double "credit" compared to products who just listed the primary protein (chicken) as part of the ingredient list. This discrepancy is now taken into account in our analysis of each cat food's ingredients, and is what is responsible for these minor changes in our reviews of a small percentage of products. More recently, certain products containing fillers and by-products have had their ratings reduced slightly to more accurately reflect how much we value high-quality protein ingredients in our cat food analysis here at CatFoodDB.

Each of the top list blog posts has also been updated accordingly, including CatFoodDB's Best Wet Cat Foods, CatFoodDB's Best Dry Cat Foods, and CatFoodDB's Top Hypoallergenic Cat Foods

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